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Company profile

Amadeus, the youngest Global Distribution System in the world, is the industry leader, with more travel agency locations connected and more international bookings than any other system.

Founded in 1987 by Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS (no longer a shareholder) it developed quickly. Amadeus system became well-known and fully operational.

Today Amadeus is the world's number one global distribution system (GDS) and technology provider serving the marketing, sales and distribution needs of the world's travel and tourism industries.

The Amadeus Central System

Through the Amadeus System some 64,300 travel agency locations and more than 10,000 airline sales offices around the world are able to make bookings with:
  • around 490 airlines, representing more than 95% of the world's scheduled airline seats
  • over 63,888 hotel properties
  • some 50 car rental companies, serving some 25,592 locations
  • other travel provider groups (13 ferry companies, rail, 11 cruise lines, insurance companies and tour operators)

Where we work
Our principal corporate, development and operational activities are divided between three locations across Europe:

  • headquarters: Madrid, Spain
  • product development and product marketing: Sophia Antipolis, France
  • data processing centre: Erding, Germany

We have subscribers in more than 210 markets worldwide. And we cover the needs of these different markets by delivering localised solutions for marketing, customer services and support through our network of over 70 National Marketing Companies (NMCs).

Some 5,100 people work in the Amadeus worldwide team - covering our principal locations and consolidated NMCs. And we have around 50 nationalities working in each of our central sites. A true multicultural team.

Our partners in innovation
New technologies are transforming the travel and tourism industries, while the Internet is revolutionising travel distribution. With innovation coming from every quarter, Amadeus partners with technology, solutions and brand leaders to keep our customers at the forefront of change.

With technology partners of the calibre of ITA, BroadVision, SAP, we have developed e-commerce solutions that transform how people and companies buy, sell or manage travel.

We also develop strategic joint ventures and partnerships with the world's best-known travel and service brands, to build next-generation travel services that take full advantage of the immense potential of e-commerce.

Our joint-venture partners include Terra Lycos (the world's third largest Internet portal). Our joint brand, Rumbo, offers online travel services to millions of consumers in Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions. Vivacances, a new travel portal created with Groupe Galeries Lafayette, offers French domestic travel products online.

Amadeus and e-commerce
Amadeus provides e-commerce solutions and services across the travel industry, enabling new ways to connect with customers, build loyalty and grow online revenues. Today, our system is the engine behind:

  • over 900 travel agency web sites
  • 264 corporate sites in 20 countries
  • 10 hotel sites
  • sites serving over 50 airlines

Services to airlines
We provide the capacity for common shared access to flight reservations and frequent flyer information to some 140 airlines as Amadeus System Users. Enabling secure information sharing between carriers, we are a key support to the global trend towards carrier alliances.

Current Amadeus System Users include:

  • 5 of the 8 oneworld airlines
  • 8 of the 15 Star Alliance airlines
  • 2 of the 6 SkyTeam airlines

Financials at a glance

in million EUR
Bookings (millions)

(1) EBITDA = Operating income + operating depreciation and amortisation


Representation in Russia

Moscow office
107045, Moscow, Maly Golovin sidest., 5
Amadeus QUEUE: MOW1A0980
Tel.: (495) 797 9097
Tel.: (495) 797 9099
Fax: (495) 797 9098

Saint-Petersburg office
191011, Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 30, Suite 4.9
Amadeus QUEUE: LED1A0988
Tel: (812) 605 0099
Tel: (812) 605 0090
Fax: (812) 605 0009

E-mail: helpdesk@ru.amadeus.net - help desk and support
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